March 30, 2016

My Debut Novel "Patina"

If losing her parents and her husband in a matter of weeks wasn’t enough, Lydia Adams is fleeing from an uncle who would do anything to get control of his brother’s fortune—and finds herself stranded in small town South Dakota giving birth six weeks pre-mature.

Without a soul she could rely on, Lydia is befriended by Mae, an outspoken yet wise guardian angel, who reveals to her a simple life with all it has to offer; including her son, Johnathan. Discovering a place of refuge and solace to mend her grieving heart, Lydia experiences for the first time a life of miracles and abiding love.

Until… Uncle Harold comes to collect her.

PATINA is a feel-good sweet romance about ensuing change which will have you consoling Lydia as she finds courage to overcome her adversities, and agonizing with her as she struggles choosing between comfortable affection in a life she knew, or passion in the arms of the man she loves.

"Patina" is my debut novel. You may order a signed copy by selecting the book cover link to the left. It is also available in print or kindle version on I hope you enjoy it.

My second novel, “Heritage of Daughters”, is scheduled for release summer 2016.